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Wheelie great service

July 10th, 2012 by

I would like to add a comment about  North Pennine Cycles. On Sunday the 6th May 2012, David saved my c2c experience, open on a sunday and so so helpful and knowledgeable. A spoke had snapped on 2 occasions from Penrith to Rookhope section, the second occasion the rear derailleur was dragged in to the other spokes and twisted the hanger and mechanism.

He had a replacement hanger and checked the spokes on the front and back wheels as well as setup my gears.  He managed to get my gears set without changing the damaged derailleur.

Absolutely fantastic, I wish the bike shop in Keswick was half as good, my friend changed brake pads in the first bike shop you come to on the c2c in Keswick (so bad I can not remember the name). No help, no knowledge. Shop provided pads which did not come with springs, which were to tight to operate smoothly. The old springs would not fit around the pads, without a bit of persuasion with a pair of pliers.

Steve Payne