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Welcome to 2013!

January 22nd, 2013 by

What a start to 2013! I’m afraid I’ve been a fairweather cyclist so far this year and have hardly ventured beyond the roaring grate in my office. I’m delighted so many of you are thinking ahead, though: traffic on the site indicates that even though spring seems a million miles away, many of you are thinking ahead and making plans for later in the year. 2012 is already a fading memory, a complete fluke, an aberration in the planet’s sunny cycle. Either that or we’re in the shit.

I’d like to apologise for my Christmas offer of a monogrammed shirt, book and map with a £7.50 saving. I neglected to take the £7.50 off at the webshop’s checkout so anyone who has been short-changed should get in touch and I’ll refund you. I’ve continued the offer until March – this time remembering to do the sums – so why not plan ahead, get the C2C package and book those lovely B&Bs? Ward off the winter gloom…