Kirkoswald & Lazonby

Tribute to a warrior, king and saint The village derives its name from St Oswald who was king of Northumberland from 634 to 642, re-establishing Christianity in the region, founding the monastery at Lindisfarne and to whom the local church is dedicated. The church and bell tower are two separate buildings with the bell tower standing atop a conical hill above the church.

Just outside the vil age is Kirkoswald Castle, said once to have been “one of the fairest fabrics that eyes looked upon, having a great hal , one hundred yards long, ornamented with pictures of all the kings of England”. Though not much remains today it is stil worth the short walk to visit it.

Raven Beck, which runs through the village and near much of the path back to the main route, once powered three corn mil s, a paper mil , and a mil for carding and spinning wool. It is now the centrepiece of a picturesque stroll above the village.