About Site

The site was built to act as a resource centre for the C2C (alias ctoc, sea to sea, coast to coast, etc) cycle route in the North of England, primarily to help and advise newcomers to the route. It will hopefully also remind the many ‘veterans’ of the route exactly what it is about the C2C that makes it so enjoyable.

Team Shot- Challenge 2009

This site is about to radically change. We are currently working on making it Smartphone and iPhone friendly so you will be able to use it more easily while you are out on the route.

In the past 12 months there have been nearly 2 million page visits and we are hoping that this will rise radically once the new site goes online.

To date the site has been featured in the 3 best selling MTB magazines as well as Cycling Plus magazine, The Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Guardian and Ultra Fit magazine as well as well as local radio interviews. Articles, photos and all information are always welcomed, as are suggestions for improvements to the site.

Because of the mainly static nature of the route, a lot of the information contained within the C2C Guide will not require updating very often. This might, at first glance, make the site appear untouched but I do update, add, amend or totally rip out sections of the site on a regular basis. Certain pages will be kept as up to date as possible and updated as and when required whilst other pages will not require any changes for months on end. I will of course keep you all posted with route updates and alterations as much as I can – unfortunately I cannot ride the route every month so I am dependent on Sustrans and other sources to inform me of the changes – and any other relevant information. But as soon as I find something out I will upload it to the site.

Please feel free to recommend interesting diversions or alternative route information (for instance in 2008 I decided to include Kirkoswald in the Coast to Coast book and now I’ve added a couple of diversions via Ullswater and Durham). And please remember that people live in the villages you will be cycling through so please respect their rights. Avoid speeding and litter and be polite, please!

Mark’s Bit

I try and cycle the route twice a year and generally spend a few weeks early in the New Year updating the site, visiting the   accommodation providers, pubs and restaurants (a terrible job, as they say, but someone’s got to do it) and making sure that the information is as up to date as possible.

I cannot possibly lay claim to being another Mark Cavendish. In fact I am more like the Fat Man on a Bicycle, who did so much for amateur touring back in the late 70s. I, too, understand every pedal stroke of some of those climbs and empathise entirely with those pannier-laden folk who doggedly grind out those tougher sections.

Last year I tackled the route on an electric bike to write a piece for the Daily Mail. I was amazed at how much battery technology has come on, and how unintrusive the new batteries are (whistling past a group of serious tarmac munchers on Hartside was particularly rewarding as they had no idea I was ‘cheating’).

For much of the time I live in Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders, so am not that far from much of the route. I get regular news updates from Sustrans, but please feel free to get in touch and update me. Or simply send me accounts of your journey and pictures which I will happily post on our Your Trips section.

Have a great ride.

Mark Porter