Departure Route

As you leave Whitehaven harbour you will join the Whitehaven-Rowrah cycle path, which links the sea to the fells.

First, detailed instructions for getting onto the route proper: Out of the harbour head right up Quay Street.

Left past the Tourist Information Centre through Market Place and into Preston Street. Look out for signs on the left for the path behind Focus DIY.

Onto Esk Avenue, only to rejoin the path by the school. You then cycle along Croasdale Avenue and Wasdale Avenue before linking up with the path to exit the town.

You now follow the railway line built in the 1850s to carry limestone, coal and iron; it is now a sculpture trail interpreting the geology and industrial history of the region. You might find yourself stopping to check signage; this is routine, there are several other routes around here including the Egremont link.