Leave Middleton on the B6262 and follow it to Eggleston, where you turn left and north on to the B6278.  Eggleston is mentioned in 12th century tax records and the remains of the medieval ridge and furrrow field patterns can still be seen.  Once again it was lead mining that put Eggleston on the map.

Exit the village over Blackton Beck, where there is a sharp dog-leg.  The road heads north on a terrace in the contours and is unfenced for a fair bit of the way.  Abandoned mineworkings can be seen on the moor, but investigating them is not advised.  After a carpark, where the road bends left it begins to climb again before beginning its descent across Bollihope Common.

Be warned that there is a sharp bend at the bottom of the valley where the road crosses Bollihope Burn.  After this there is one more ascent before it drops into Stanhope to rejoin the main C2C (finishing very steeply). It is better to turn left at the ford and cross the Wear by the bridge upstream.

Now for some breathtaking scenery and a fair bit of climb before you get to Stanhope and rejoin the old route.