At Consett the routes part company for the final time; one goes to Sunderland and the other to Newcastle. The split in the route comes just after the Hownsgil Viaduct. On the other side of the lane the route either goes straight on through the centre of Consett to Sunderland. Or you can turn left for Newcastle and Tynemouth. If you go left you wil pass the outskirts of Shotley Bridge, whose centre is surprisingly pretty, and then on along the Derwent Walk to Rowlands Gil . I wil deal with that later, but for the moment wil describe the original route as it progresses gently and scenical y into Sunderland. From Consett you head for Stanley, but first you have to get out of Consett, so pay heed to the signs.

Go round the A692 roundabout, briefly up the left side of Front St before going left between Edith Street and Albert Rd. Cross the latter half way up and go right into Park Rd, cross Front St before heading left and across the B6308, then the path takes you through Leadgate and past the Annfield Plain. Look out for the Kyo Undercurrents sculpture – a series of earth and stone ramps.