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Danger alert!

August 27th, 2012 by

From: Councill Robert Philipson

I have a safety concern regarding a cattle grid on National Route 7 on the western approach to Allenheads in Northumberland. The cattle grid is in a poor state of repair and the county council has placed two metal plates across the grid. These move unevenly when any weight is put on them, causing the two plates to vary in height when being crossed.

There has been a number of accidents involving cyclists, including one serious one resulting in long term head injuries. This year two children fell onto the cattle grid and yesterday a lady cyclist received tendon injuries to a wrist, plus cuts and bruises. She said she was riding responsibly and her bike lost all grip on the plates (which were wet) and came off the bike.

I am a parish councillor and our council has written on TWO occasions to Northumberland County Council. Neither correspondence has even been acknowledged and no action has been taken. Residents of Allenheads are frustrated by the situation and we are all concerned that a serious injury will occur on this downhill section of the C2C route. Would your organisation be able to use your influence on the County Council to make them take action as a matter of urgency?

Yours faithfully,
Robert Philipson
I will take this up with the CC and have reported this to Sustrans, the charity responsible for maintaining the routes they set up.
Mark Porter