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Brush with disaster ends in triumph

July 29th, 2012 by

June 11-14, 2012
For over a year I have been researching doing this ride.  I was born in Sunderland and have lived in Canada most of my life.   Finally at my 50th birthday my husband and I and our kids, Simon 25, and Macy 12 set off from Whitehaven!!  We are from Walla Walla, Washington, USA, and our son lives in Vancouver, Canada.
After riding about 4 hours and about an hour or so from the memorable Siskins cafe in Whinlatter Forest our daughter had an accident on a downhill and flipped her bike.  Broke the helmet in 3 places and some nasty road rash.  “middle of nowhere” doesn’t begin to describe our feelings.  As it happened, we had lots of help and suggestions from other riders, and our Sherpa, Pete from Trailbrakes (stellar guy), met us at the cafe.  (nice scones with cream and jam, a cup of tea, and a few tylenol really helped).
And by the next morning, she was up, ready, and we were on our way again, arriving in Sunderland 2pm on the 4th day.
Even with all of my research, I didn’t fully realize how ‘hilly’ it would be.  LOL Of which I did complain on several occasions!
We really enjoyed the ride, it was so beautiful, and would love to do it again.  Loved the free ranging sheep.  Steak and guinness pie at the cafe in Rookhope was delish!  The Bee Cottage outside Consett, was also great.
We found it well marked by signs and the only time we had an issue was after the long climb from Rookhope and riding over the top of some moors, we did not take the right turn onto the singletrack, and continued to the road.  All was well, we turned around and still ended up at the Waskerly cafe.  More cups of tea!!  Fixes everything!
Cheers – Sharon Quinn-Sears