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Beware log lorries at Lorton

June 6th, 2014 by


From the weekend beginning June 6 timber lorries will start a six month operation ferrying logs between Loweswater and Low Lorton on an extremely narrow section of road. The locations where wagons will be accessing the loading areas (between Thackthwaite and High Latterhead) will be well signed and Sustrans have been notified and will hopefully put up warning signs. A sign will be erected at each end, at Low Lorton and Loweswate, with more signs at the loading areas. The lorries will not be going beyond (south) of High Latterhead.

Entry and exit will be north to/from Low Lorton and then via the B5289 to Cockermouth and the A66.

PLEASE TAKE THE UTMOST CARE as log lorries are not renowned for cautious driving.