The Allenheads Inn, Allenheads, Northumberland, NE47 9HJ

Run by: Ann & Phil Homer

Right on the original C2C route, this is a lovely 18th century village inn and a must for cyclists who enjoy atmosphere, hospitality and all-round rustic comfort. Fine ales and big helpings of tasty fare make this probably the most popular stop-off on the entire route. CAMRA and Good Pub Guide. Single occupancy restricted during busy season. Dinners from £8.99. Secure lock-up, free parking, free wifi. This is on of the great pubs in the north east, a national treasure.

Rooms: 2D, 5T, 1F. Open all year. B&B: £39. Single occ. £55. Eve meal: yes. Pk lunch: £5.50. Secure cycle parking.

Tel: 01434 685200

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There are 9 reviews
Review by Rob Garbett
2011-05-26 07:58:13
Warm welcome. Plentiful food.
Review by Sara Goward
2011-09-19 09:07:48
Visit to Allenheads Inn spoiled by poor communication when booking table for large party cycling C2C, left us rushing to get to the Inn (and arriving on time) and then being rudely spoken to and made to wait over an hour to eat. The manager in particular gave very poor customer service.
Review by Sara Goward
2011-09-19 11:25:22
I've just read reviews on Trip Advisor and wish I had read them before. We did not stay here (luckily) but we booked to eat here (group of 14) at 6.30pm - rushed to get there for 6.30 after a long days ride and were told that for a 6pm booking we needed to arrive at 6pm to order and that we could not eat until 8pm. This had not been communicated and the managers attitude was extremley poor. The staff were rude and derogatory to members of the party and manager was the rudest person I have ever encoutered in hospitality. They seem to think that as they have a captive audience (being the only pub in Allenheads) that this is ok, and I was even told that they were happy for me to post poor reviews... The food was ok but I would not recommend spending your money here at all - go somewhere (anywhere!) else.
Review by Steve Tron
2012-07-17 18:37:25
Stayed here a few times and i have to say its a great place to stay. But the manager there (Basil Fawlty) has been a bit moody over the years but i think thats why we stay there. We are used to him now. (Harmless) :-) Great food, Warm comfortable rooms, Good ales and good breakfast. All in All a good stay on the c2c route!
Review by Anne
2012-08-20 20:29:19
Have stayed here twice and received a friendly welcome on both occasions. Secure cycle storage. Comfortable rooms and good food.
Review by Tony
2013-06-03 23:19:56
Just finished the c2c for the 3rd time, stayed here for the first time and definitely returning in the future. Staff welcoming, great beer, great food, showers a bit dodgy if loads of you showering at the same time but that happens all over.
Review by Ann Homer
2014-08-29 18:29:58
So unfair as these are so old and now out of date. Please look on Trip advisor for a much more upto-date views.
Review by Dave Brooke
2015-06-24 20:28:32
Just read these comments and felt I had to respond in defence of Allenheads Inn and Ann Homer. I headed a party of 20 cyclists who passed through Allenheads around 2 years ago and although we did not stay at the Inn we ate there on the evening. I asked for a menu which they e-mailed to me, and my group selected there choice of food from it. I returned this to Ann and agreed a time to eat, this was 3 months prior to our arrival. When we arrived we had a drink and were then shown into the restaurant where we all enjoyed an excellent meal served by a happy and courteous staff. It`s all about communication and Ann Homer and the staff at the Allenheads Inn were brilliant, we had a wonderful evening there. Many thanks
Review by Dave Brooke
2016-07-01 16:39:04
Once again Ann,Phil and the staff at the Inn were fantastic. This time there were 16 of us enjoying the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere of this pub. The food was excellent and the staff cheery, 6 of our group stayed at the inn this time and said the rooms and the breakfast were great. Well done The Allenheads Inn we will be returning.
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